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Let Us Take Care of Your Trees

Orozco Landscaping & Tree Service Corp is the perfect choice for all your tree needs. Our experienced tree care experts provide complete tree services, from removing dying, dead, or inconveniently placed trees to hazardous trees and roots removal.

Our team is highly trained in the specialized field of tree care. They understand the importance of safety, efficiency and quality workmanship when it comes to dealing with trees.

We use top quality equipment, tools and a lot of dedication to removing every tree that’s a potential hazard to your property or safety. Our state-of-the-art machinery is safe and effective for all job sizes.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services. With us you can rest assured that your tree problem is taken care of in the most efficient manner possible.

Cabling And Bracing

Keep Your Trees Safe

Orozco Landscaping & Tree Service Corp,  is the premier tree cabling and bracing company in Holmes, NY. We service all of your needs from minor pruning to major cabling and bracing.  Our main advantage is that we provide the highest quality cabling and bracing for trees in the region.

With our high-strength steel cables, we can help to minimize damage caused by storms, tornados, high winds, ice and snow.  We are proud of our team of certified arborists who can provide you with reliable tree care services. Our experienced professionals are committed to ensuring that your trees are healthy and secure.

We understand that every customer has a different budget, so we offer affordable rates for all types of tree services. We also provide emergency tree service to help you avoid costly damage caused by storms or other unforeseen events.

Benefits of Cabling and Bracing services

Our cabling or bracing system offers numerous benefits such as improved tree health, structural stability, and increased longevity. We believe in not just providing a service but also offering long-lasting results.

Clearing & Clean Up

Bring Life To Your Property

Orozco Landscaping & Tree Service Corp,  is a trusted provider of vegetation management, property enhancement, and fire fuel safety clearing services. We are experts in transforming your outdoor living space into something you can truly be proud of. 

Our experienced and skilled team is equipped with the latest in excavation and brush clearing equipment to ensure that the job is done right. Whether you need a clearing service for your residential land management or for a large commercial site, we have you covered!

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Foliage

We offer a wide range of vegetation control services including weed abatement, noxious weed control, fire hazard clearance, storm clean-up and more. Our expertise ensures that any unwanted foliage won’t stand between you and your beautiful landscape! We understand that your home is important to you – that’s why we guarantee quality workmanship and peace of mind when it comes to our residential land management services.

Transform Your Home Into A Beautiful Oasis With Our Help!

Make Your Property To Life With Our Cutting-Edge Vegetation Management

Orozco Landscaping & Tree Service Corp, provides storm cleanup service so your trees can heal, as well as tree service and other services including landscape design and garden maintenance. When you need a tree cleaned up, we’re the company you want to call.

We believe in fast response times and honest advice from our friendly team. Our skilled climbers often complete their work the same day or next day. And with our cleanup service, storm damage and tree service, we’ll make your property look as good as new. 

If an emergency arises when you’re unable to reach us on the phone, simply contact us through our text message system and we’ll provide quick feedback on the status of your request to ensure you receive help as quickly as possible.

We offer a number of services for the price of one! You’ll save money with our budget-friendly packages that include: tree removal, limb removal and storm damage clean-up services to be completed by one climber with only one visit.


Professional Tree Planting Services

We offer tree planting and consulting services, small sapling trees. We specialize in planting trees for value for your home or business. The investment in a beautiful tree installation is worth the money and provides important benefits such as habitat for wildlife, reducing stormwater runoff and flooding, and more to a bigger install we can get it done for you. 

Our team has years of enduring experience in the industry. Our 24/7 customer service is second to none. We’re always here to answer your questions or help you with any concerns you may have. If you have any issues during your project, we’ll be more than happy to take care of them for you.

Benefits of Planting a Tree:

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